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Jackie McKelvey

Director of Digital Marketing & PR

Inventive, enthusiastic learner, master troubleshooter and an indisputable extrovert with a “Get It Done” mentality, Jackie serves as a Jack of all Trades for startup companies, helping bring concepts to fruition and products to the market.

Jackie graduated from the College of Charleston and obtained a BA in Communications in 2014. Through her senior Capstone course she secured a leading position with the local nonprofit, The Harbor Entrepreneur Center. The HarborEC is a 501c3 with one mission: to create collision among entrepreneurs. The organization has a number of initiatives dedicated to growing entrepreneurship and scalable companies in the Charleston region, including an Accelerator Program for innovative startups and other programs specifically designed for further-staged entrepreneurs with viable, successful companies. Through their programs and events, every Founder of a business is connected with mentors that have done it, experts with the skills, investors with smart capital, and a peer group of other supportive Founders. Jackie ran the HarborEC’s multiple programs, communications and marketing, planned and executed 5+ high impact events per year, and ensured the best possible experience for all groups involved (program participants, mentors, sponsors, community, etc.)

Jackie worked for The HarborEC for three years until securing her position as Director of Corporate Development for blinktbi in July, 2017. As Director of Corporate Development she spearheaded product development, strategic marketing and branding, tech and customer support and more. Three years later she shifted into her role as Director of Digital Marketing and PR, heading up educational digital content strategy and execution and media relations.

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