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Blinktbi is a growing team of scientists, innovators, and creatives in the biotech and pharma space. Together, we pioneer the continued growth of our novel blink reflex technology in uncharted territories


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Our story...

When a group of researchers and physicians at the Medical University of South Carolina identified a breakthrough technology that could capture the blink reflex and assess abnormalities related to traumatic brain injury (TBI), Dr. Doug Carnes immediately recognized its potential. Along with long-term collaborator Dr. Ryan Fiorini, they formed blinktbi.  The two respected PhDs organized an exhaustive series of tests, and the results were striking.

"At blinktbi, we're focused on exploring EyeStat's promising applications in the detection and management of neurological disease." 

-Jeff Riley, CEO

Doug and Ryan next brought on a series of experts, assembling a Board of Directors and Board of Advisors comprised of key stakeholders in neurological impairment. This impressive group consists of leaders in their respective specialties: pharma, neuroscience, sports, business, military, and more. Initially intended to objectively test for and identify abnormal blink patterns associated with TBI,  the blinktbi team would later identify other promising applications for the device such as diagnosing and monitoring central nervous system (CNS) diseases, thus forming blinkcns. Our team continues to expand upon our foundational research in TBI and explore the technology's potential role in neurological diseases and conditions such as Parkinson's, Alzheimer's and Migraine.

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